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  • Product Name:30C 11.1V 3300mAh High Rate Lipo Battery Packs

Product Introduction:

30C 11.1V 3300mah high rate li po battery packs with RC model

1) Green power
Environmental-friendly, No Pb, Cd added

2) Excellent Security
RC helicopter battery with short-circuit production function, safe and reliable; Anti-shortcircuit, anti-overcharger, anti-overcurrent, anti-overload;

3) Double the energy density of conventional batteries
Lipo battery have approximately double the capacity compared with conventional batteries.

4) Cycle life equivalent to 500 charge and discharge cycles
No memory effect, can be repeatedly charged and discharged for about 500cycle.

5) Rapid charge in approx. 1.2hours
RC lipo battery can be rapidly charged in about an using a specially designed charge

6) Low self discharge
Less than 20% at normal temperature / month


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