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  • Product Name:60C RC Model Lipo Battery From E-Stars

Product Introduction:

High Rate Discharge 60C Li-Po Battery Packs for starter, Rechargeable Lithium Battery 3.7V 60c widely used to Notebook, Power Bank, Information Devices, Power tools, Medical Device, Lighting, LED, Portable device, etc.

High-rate Lipo battery is capable to deliver industry-leading ultrahigh output power and current, widely applied in various RC field.

1. Super discharge capability: The highest continuous discharge C-rate is up to 80º C.

2. Low IR: The lowest IR can be 0.7~0.9mΩ For single cell.

3. Long cycle life: The continuous discharge cycle life for our 25C~60C new products can reach 300 times with 70~80% retention.

4. Little Temp. Rise: Compared with same type products, our battery's temp. Rise in the process of normal using can be controlled below 60º C due to ultralow IR. 


ModelNominal Capacity (mAh)Nominal Voltage (V)Dimension(mm)Internal  Resistance  (mΩ)      Weight (g)Max.Discharger  Current
5000-Saddle Pack50007.42546.569.5826660C100C



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